We will be writing brief updates every week that report on development and adoption progress!

DAOfi Update: We’re extremely excited to launch a 30 edition NFT by pplpleasr and Qrion today called QLOUDPLSR: https://daofi.org/qloudplsr/ It’s almost sold out at the time of publishing this letter and we’re really happy with the result!

After launching several fractionalized NFTs, the predominant feedback from customers was that they preferred owning ERC-721s compatible with OpenSea instead of ERC-20 tokens. We quickly wrote up a contract that would allow ERC-20s to be redeemed for ERC-721s and QLOUDPLSR was our first launch with the ERC-721 redemption contract. We’re pleased to see all the positive feedback so far.

We also worked with…

DAOfi launched its first programmatic and fractionalized art piece yesterday and we’re extremely happy with some of the milestones we reached. The liquidity pool hit 100+ wETH in a few hours after trading, we received nothing but positive feedback about the art piece, and most importantly we feel it’s a product that we are really proud of launching. Check out the art piece here by Marc Horowitz: https://idxm.io/ It is currently 75.3% revealed in its layers based on buying activity on the bonding curve. The price is also sitting at 4x ETH ROI from the crowdsale price as well.

https://idxm.io/ by Marc Horowitz


Despite the explosion in NFT adoption we’ve seen in 2020 and 2021, there is still a lot of room for improvement with the buyer’s experience around NFT art and collectibles. The problems I see that have not been fully addressed yet include:

DeFi today has provided utility for a lot of the same use cases that CEXes have already validated, which includes spot trading, margin lending and leverage. Many DeFi startups today are building more specialized solutions for an already small demographic of advanced crypto users, and are not thinking about how to grow the dapp user population as a whole. In light of this limitation of DeFi serving a very niche audience, I think the next area of growth for crypto applications lies in the intersection of social needs and crypto assets.

While DeFi has seen successful traction in 2020, status games have yet to be explored in Web 3.

If you look at Web 2 today, I would…

Hi friends,

It’s only been four days since the explosive launch of the Karma DAO social experiment which has now grown to 204 members at the time of publishing this blog post. I’m humbled by the amount of traction and positive feedback I’ve received from community members all around the world who resonated with the concept of being part of a value-add professional network community.

My philosophy for building products is starting extremely lean, making things leaner, and leaner from there. I’ve found it very difficult, almost impossible, to predict exactly how, why and what customer needs are from the…

Hi friends,

I’m really excited today to announce the public launch of a professional networking social community called Karma DAO that exists as a chat group on Telegram.

The mission of the DAO is to have as many people in Ethereum and the greater crypto space to adopt a networking group that values karma, which includes the qualities of being mutually helpful to others, mutually value-add, giving to all and being kind.


With all of the bad actors and scams that happened in the space, I felt there was a need for a place of networking and communication that…

Hi friends,

I’ve included below some comments on some of the latest crypto trends I’ve identified and hopefully the insights are helpful to readers. Subscribe to future posts at http://w3j.substack.com/


There is a lot of speculation around how the halving event will affect prices and whether history will repeat itself. In my opinion, trying to use any event to predict the price in a short-term direction is not a sound strategy. Rather than trying to decide whether the price will go up because the “having event is/isn’t priced in,” or whether “Bakkt is priced in,” or whichever relevant event…

Most Bitcoin investors I know are supremely self-confident and self-approving of their investment in Bitcoin, and this alarms me. They feel as if they are “first,” or have some supreme foresight that makes them ahead of the curve on their investment.

Ironically, this contrasts sharply to a lot of my friends heard of Bitcoin or invested in it when it was worth a few single-digit dollars. To this group of folks, Bitcoin is nothing new, as it’s been around in the media and have been successful at being popularized in mainstream culture, at least on an awareness level, over the…

The investor participants in the crypto market have evolved a great deal since early 2017. In early 2017, there was limited information and understanding on the fundamental merits and impact of protocols, and the majority bought in big and all the prices went straight up. The strategy of the time was 100% offense: bet bigger and the profits were only bigger.

This bull market strategy caught many off guard as advantageous information in the market began to be a lot more accessible. Participants in the market began to better understand the fundamental merits of some pre-mature and often product-less protocols…

Andrew Lee

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